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Social Cognition & Interaction Training for Adolescents and Young Adults with High Functioning Autism (SCIT-A)

Funded by: Autism Speaks
Principle Investigator: David L. Penn, PhD
Co-Investigators: Lauren Turner-Brown, PhD & Gabriel Dichter, PhD
Project Coordinator: Betty M. Rupp, BS

Understanding how to interact with others is a challenge for people with autism. Impaired social cognition (i.e., perceiving the emotions and intentions of others) makes it difficult to establish friendships and form positive social relationships. This is particularly incapacitating for adolescents and young adults with High Functioning Autism (HFA) who are learning to navigate the world independently. The goal of this group-based cognitive behavioral intervention is to improve social-cognitive functioning in adolescents and young adults with HFA and Asperger's Syndrome.

We are currently looking for participants ages 16-21 that have a diagnosis of HFA or Aspereger's to participate in a small randomized controlled trial to compare SCIT-A to treatment as usual. Participants will be assessed at baseline, post-treatment (18 weeks later), and at a 3 month follow-up. You and your child may be compensated up to $290.

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